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Muslim is the largest media publication delivering news centering the Muslim community online. We are a news outlet, media publication and a space for Muslims to connect with one another, feel empowered through each other, amplify our faith, and share our lifestyles and views.

Our newsroom is based in Jersey City, NJ and created with the intention to expand on coverage involving Islamophobia in the United States, as anti-Muslim hate crimes and the rise of islamophobia leads to international implications to our community.

Muslim launched as a weekly newsletter on Feb. 15 2019 after noticing the lack of attention on news impacting the Muslim community during a time of heightened islamophobia. Soon, Muslim expanded and became the most followed media publication and online news outlet on social media for Muslims with well over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on TikTok, 250,000 on Snapchat, 100,000 on Twitter, 55,000 on YouTube, and so on.

Muslim is responsible for creating trending news stories, developing content for the Muslim audience, spearheading campaigns with social media platforms (such as creating the blueprint for Ramadan campaigns for Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.), and facilitating partnerships with mainstream brands such as Target, EA Games, and so on.

Every Friday we curate the latest trending weekly headlines that impact the Muslim community and summarize the news for a quick 5-minute read. 
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As of November 2022, Muslim pivoted in becoming a non-profit newsroom and acquired grant support from journalism organizations such as the Knight Foundation and the Asian American Journalist Association (AAJA) to support Muslim’s continued efforts in providing reliable news coverage to the Muslim audience. Muslim is completely independent with no investors or government-backing and is entirely funded by supporters.

Muslim now provides consulting to media outlets to ensure newsrooms are equipped in representing and covering the Muslim community to mainstream audiences. Ameer has recently advised Vox with their in-house editorial policies to ensure Muslims are represented correctly.

Our organization spearheaded partnerships with Meta, helping put together the framework for their annual Ramadan #MonthOfGood campaign, facilitated Ramadan programming with TikTok, and partnered with Snapchat to deliver the first Muslim show on its platform.


Chief Executive Officer Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh
Lead Editor Taahir Husain

Director of Production Shayma Al-Shiri
TikTok Manager Tuğba Kara

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