Muslim is a news outlet, media publication and a community for millennials and Gen-Z Muslims to connect with one another, feel empowered through each other, amplify our faith, and share our lifestyles and views.

Since launching February 2019, Muslim has garnered a large social media presence and writes a popular weekly Muslim newsletter that expands 100,000+ subscribers. Muslim has now expanded into its own media publication that centers news coverage and stories regarding the Muslim identity.

Muslim is ran by a team of Gen-Z and millennial Muslim writers and creators. Our mission is to promote an accepting environment for all Muslims, regardless of their practice, and help guide Muslim youth in navigating their faith, and ensuring a safe environment to do so.

Read our mission statement in our editor’s letter here.


Founder + Editor-in-Chief Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh /
Lead Editor Taahir Husain

Graphics Lead Shayma Al-Shiri

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