#BlackoutEid Took Over Our Timelines, Leaves Us Shook

#BlackoutEid celebrates its eighth year of taking over our social media, and we’re here for it.


Elizabeth Aziz

(From Left to Right) Photo - @yacine.ndx, @l.artrepreneur

This past weekend, the world celebrated Eid in quarantine – but that didn’t stop Black Muslims from taking over social media for #BlackoutEid. The hashtag was created by Aamina Mohammed, a screenwriter and producer based in Minnesota, as a response to lack of representation of Black Muslims in Eid style coverage. Now in its eighth year, #BlackoutEid packed more heat than ever this year. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites, category by category!


The category is… a pop of color! This yellow paired with her massive smile just makes me happy, what else can I say? This image could be a movie poster or book cover tbh. 

@aeesha_ysf on Twitter

Absolutely loving the blue, loving the attitude, and the power pose. This WAS the energy I was trying to channel in 2020, until uh… you know. #coronaviiiiiiirus

@yacine.ndx on IG

I’m a sucker for the color magenta and some bomb henna. This girl gets my vote. Anyone have any good recommendations for at-home dye brands? I’m feeling pink all of a sudden…

@nasteexoilwaad on IG

 This is a classic fit for the fellas. Not to mention, this is just a beautiful photograph all around. Do you think they make these chappals in a women’s US 9? Asking for a friend.


@walelawal on IG

I’m obsessed with this girl’s care-free, casual look. Is it just me, or does the stacked gold necklace look never get old? Neither does a lovely smile. 


@hibaxhiba on Twitter

THE CATEGORY IS… PRINTS! This green look just makes me HAPPY. It makes my heart sing. She looks gorgeous.


@haddicee_ on Twitter

I’m SPEECHLESS… the beauty has left me without words. AND she made the dress herself? We love a designer AND a model. *heart eyes emoji*


@itssohnaa on Twitter

Not only is he rocking multiple prints on his physical person, but is also posted up in a printed room. It’s all about the attention to detail here. 10/10 


@l.artrepreneur on IG

Honorable mention to this beautiful girl here in the all pink ensemble. I dub this shade the official “power pink” of 2021. She keeps it graceful and soft while rocking a bold statement color. 


@tablefatou on Twitter

This gorgeous couple is all of the #goals, congratulations to these styling newlyweds on their first Eid and many more, inshaAllah.


@mamaafreaka on Twitter

This is maybe one of the most powerful videos a camera has ever recorded. Please behold this look and more importantly the walk!


@nashaat_isb on IG

…and for our final look of the evening, which is so dreamy it needs no further introduction. 


@aloeshawty on Twitter