Quran Verses For When You’re Feeling Low In Faith

Use these verse for when you need a boost.

Quran Verses For When You’re Feeling Low In Faith

Use these verse for when you need a boost.


Mohamed Alagteaa

Much like the Hunger Games, life is an arena filled with challenges, hurdles and people trying to take you out, and while we wish the odds to always be in our favour, sometimes it feels like they rarely are.

To navigate the world as a young Muslim, failures have an extra layer of disappointment that we so often put on ourselves and the source of this behaviour is important to discuss, but here, we would like only to share a simple and easily accessible remedy to help you get through your difficult day.

Before delving into these beautiful Ayat, it is important to underline that they are in no way or form a substitute for professional help. There is a difference between having a bad day and a mental issue. If you are truly struggling, know that Allah is there for you, and so is therapy in all its forms.

1- “God tasks no soul beyond its capacity.” (2:286) al-Bagarah

The last verse of the longest surah in the Quran is an empowering statement from Allah to his servants. When your deadlines are due, things at home are not good, your friends are not there for you and everything is falling apart and you are drenched and overwhelmed, recite this verse out loud.

Know you are strong, powerful and incredible, because with everything going south, you sense God’s belief in you, in your capability to overcome whatever you are put through.

Allah is literally telling you, you got this.

2- Whosoever does evil or wrongs himself, and then seeks forgiveness of God, he will find God Forgiving, Merciful. (4:110) al-Nisa

Mistakes are inevitable. You will make them.

No matter how mild or severe in nature they are, the aftermath of our mishaps has such a heavy negative load on our psychological well-being. This verse from surah number 4 of the Quran should be on a mental post-it in your mind whenever the light at the end

of the tunnel of life seems dimmed. The cathartic power of this verse is that it

recognizes that any evil we commit towards others is a wound we inflict on ourselves. The medicine is forgiveness, and what is more of a sign of pure love than to know that Allah’s doors are always open.

That light is never turned off.

3- And We will indeed test you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth, souls, and fruits; and give glad tidings to the patient— those who, when affliction befalls them, say, “Truly we are God’s, and unto Him we return.” (2:156) Al-Bagarah

This verse is a reminder to never forget, no matter what is going on in your life, your final destination is Allah, and patience is the path towards arriving safely to that terminus. While most of us heard this verse during incredibly tumultuous times,

remember it when you get caught up in all the mundane little problems of your life and see how they become insignificant and unworthy of your attention and energy.

4- For truly with hardship comes ease! Truly with hardship comes ease! (94:5/6) Al-Sharh

When we are having a bad day, we tend to forget that it will be over at some point. This verse from Surah al-Sharh is a beautiful reminder of how intertwined the experience of distress with the relief of tranquillity. We can never really appreciate our good days without the countless bad ones. They inform each other and allow us to know deep down and in the thick of it that easing through is possible.

5- And your Lord has said, “Call upon Me, and I shall respond to you. (40:60) Ghafir

There aren’t many things that can lift your spirit after a dreadful day like a conversation with someone who loves you. Yet, even the ones who care most about us are often busy and tangled up in their own chaos. This verse is an extended invitation that is never revoked, retracted nor withheld. Allah is forever there, listening attentively to what you have to say, without any interruption.

Make the call, Allah will answer.

The Quran puts things into perspective and reminds us of the strength we possess, the blessings we have and the forgiveness we can attain and should practice. These  verses are only the tip of the iceberg that is our miraculous healing book.

Dear Non-Muslims, There Are Things Muslim Youth Are Tired Of Hearing

Islam is a religion that has been around for centuries, yet it seems that in modern times people act like it’s something that has just been born.

Life Style

Dear Non-Muslims, There Are Things Muslim Youth Are Tired Of Hearing


Aishah Goumaneh

Islam has been a religion that has been around for centuries, yet it seems that in modern times people act like it’s something that has just been born. Oftentimes non-Muslims ask questions, questions that are ignorant. However, it is not exactly humanity’s fault. Society has painted these negative images of the Muslim community, that’s on them. Yet it is up to you to stop choosing to be ignorant. I bet, and hope, you’re tired of asking these questions. Trust me Muslims are tired of hearing it. To get to know your Muslim neighbors better don’t say these things, and you just might be invited to the next Jummah

1. Do you speak Muslim?

I​ cannot stress enough how much this question hurts our little hurts. The definition of a Muslim is someone who follows and believes in the religion of Islam. You cannot speak Christian, Jewish, or Catholic, so it doesn’t make much sense for people to believe you can speak Muslim. There are Muslims everywhere, some speak Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, some just even English. So if you want to know what language us Muslims speak, please take into account that that are 7 continents, over 100 countries, and over 6,000 languages, every single Muslim does not speak the same language.

2. “Do you wear that when you sleep?”

This goes out to all the Hijabis. So many times Muslims women who wear the Hijab get asked questions like, “are you bald”, “do you shower with it on?” “Why do you wear that on your head?”. It gets tiring trust me. First things first, learn what the headpiece on our heads are called, the word has five letters and two syllables it is not that hard to learn, don’t be scared to say the word Hijab. Second please do some research on what the Hijab is, why, when, and how we wear it. Also, no one is forced to wear the hijab, everyone has their own-self will. Essentially the Hijab is an important part of Islam, instead of gutting your neighbor’s poor hijabi heart maybe just ask google.

3. Assuming every Arab is Muslim

Here are the basics, not every Muslim is Arab, and not all Arabs are Muslim. Islan did originate in what is now the Middle East, however it spread to many parts of the world. People like Mans Musa brought Islam to Africa. Today there are Latino Muslims, Asian Muslims, white-European Muslims. Muslims are everywhere. Islam is not attached to one race, it is attached to those who believe in it.

4. “You’re Muslim?”

Although​ Islam has been around for centuries people still have trouble identifying Muslims. This question, I’ve noticed, gets asked towards the girls who wear Hijab more. From my understanding, people seem to confuse Muslims with Nuns. Although both cover their heads, nuns have very distinct clothing, the traditional black dress, with the white-collar. Muslim women can just wear anything that is modest.

Are you muslim

5. “You Can’t even drink water?”

During​ the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world don’t eat or drink fromSunrise to Sundown. The part that confuses people the most is that Muslims can’t drink water. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this I could pay my college funds in cash. In all seriousness, I understand that it is hard to understand not eating for 10+ hours straight. However yes the water is included, water is a drink, drinks are liquid. Which passes the test of being something to not drink during Ramadan

6. “Pork is sooooo good”

For anyone who doesn’t no Muslims are prohibited from eating pork as pigs are considered dirty. When people find this out their first reaction is usually “but ham is soo good”, yes Susan I’m sure it is. Telling Muslims pork is good is not very important information, what do you expect them to do with it? I am happy that you like pork so much but we won’t be eating it.