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Mixed baby check! Dutch-Palestinian super model Gigi Hadid and THEE ex-boyband Pakistani heartthrob turned solo star Zayn Maik are reportedly expecting their first child together, according to TMZ. 

Although the baby bump isn’t visible yet and Zigi has yet to make an official announcement, TMZ reported that Hadid is more than 20 weeks pregnant.

The news has Muslim twitter and stan Twitter shook, and their reactions couldn’t be anymore relatable.

the most beautiful child in the world coming. we won

— ً (@egyptionblue) April 28, 2020

gigi has got zayn , anwar has got dua, @bellahadid u just need to find ur muslim king and the hollywood islamic revolution will be upon us

— maariyah curry (@i_maariyah) April 28, 2020

making dua ???????? that zayn comes back to islam ☪️ ameen. imagine what that baby will mean for this ummah

— bit of a rough patch (@_Sabi17_) April 29, 2020

Despite having an up-and-down relationship — the singer and supermodel reportedly split in 2018 due to their hectic schedules — Hadid and Malik are happier than ever and haven’t “skipped a beat,” said a source.

The couple is currently quarantining together at Hadid’s family farm in Pennsylvania, where they  celebrated the model’s 25th birthday this past Sunday.

All 1D stans out there (yes, we still exist) know that Malik will be the third father of the group, following behind the “For You” singer, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, the oldest member in the band.

With now ⅗ of the boyband as parents, along with the recent rumors that the boys are reuniting for their 10-year anniversary, former 1D fans are searching for their old t-shirts, CDs and One: Direction This Is Us DVDs in quarantine.

The reunion whispers started after fans noticed that the rest of the group refollowed Malik on Twitter.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, fans are praying for a reunion and we could all use a quarantine “W” right about now.

Malik may now have to swap microphones for pacifiers, but one thing’s for sure: Zigi’s future baby is going to be set for life, financially and physically, inshallah khair. With career options like carrying boy bands and strutting on cat walks, this baby has a bright future ahead.

Written by Rania Rizvi and Ameena Qobrtay

When you realize Zayn isn’t a 17 year old boy in skinny jeans anymore …

— Rola (@Rolabashar) April 28, 2020


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