Rapper A$AP Rocky Causes Stir On Muslim Twitter With Mother’s Day Post

“Yooo why am I just finding out that ASAP Rocky’s mom is MUSLIM? 🤯”


Sarah Lashuel
Art - Ameer Al-Khatahtbeh

Harlem born-and-raised rapper A$AP Rocky sent shockwaves through the Muslim community two weeks ago with his Instagram tribute to his mom for Mother’s Day. 

The 31 year-old rapper posted a picture of his mother adorning hijab with the caption “MOMZ❤️.”

The post garnered more than a million likes and surprised thousands of fans who were unaware that Rocky’s mother is Muslim, as the rapper himself rarely speaks about his religious beliefs.

Nonetheless, supportive fans left heartwarming comments beneath, posting “salaams” and “mashallahs” for the rapper’s mother. As for Muslim Twitter, stans were still trying to process how one of most popular rappers of the past decade was secretly connected to the Ummah.

Ecstatic Muslim stangirls tweeted that the revelation gave them hope that one day they, too, could have a chance with the “Sundress” singer.

Others pointed out that Rocky was actually serving Muslim realness for a while now, citing Rocky’s iconic red carpet look in which he wrapped a silk scarf around his head in a hijab-like fashion. 

But beyond the comments and comedic Twitter craze, Rocky’s post served as an important reminder to society that having a Muslim identity is nothing to be ashamed of and should be allowed to exist in mainstream media, without it being a big deal. 

Oftentimes, Muslims are ostracized from the media, and even if they are given representation, they get boxed in by limiting and stereotyped identities. 

But by having one of the most popular hip-hop artists today authentically celebrating his mother’s Muslim identity, it serves to show that

Muslim representation in media doesn’t always have to be serious or controversial; sometimes it just means posting pictures on Instagram while proudly being Muslim. 

Who knows what this means for the future, could we be getting another “Mmm Mashallah” verse? What about more hijabi inspired fits?

Either way, A$AP Rocky is sure to have marked his place in the listicle “Celebrities You Didn’t know Were Muslim” – which every Muslim kid has searched up.

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